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Homecoming review|'Homecoming' Season 2 Review: Déjà Vu All Over Again

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'Homecoming' Season 2 Review: Déjà Vu All Over Again ...

2652 reviews...

It’s stagy, it hinges on misdirection.(The something-more-than-homage was forgivable in part because of the sheer panache with which Esmail carried it off.) With Roberts and Esmail gone and James appearing in a more limited capacity, the show doesn’t come up with a credible way forward, instead stumbling through familiar story beats with less gusto.Chris Cooper and Joan Cusack are excellent in underwritten supporting roles.

Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers.And the story that unfolds as the woman figures out her identity is ultimately too much of a rehash of Season One.It’s all watchable but inessential.

But such shortfalls may not be a problem for all viewers.As entertaining as it was — and as great as Julia Roberts and Stephan James were in the lead roles — the result still felt like a bit of a disappointment; every time the show appeared poised to open up or dig deeper, it instead retreated into a mystery that initially seemed complex but ultimately dodged nuances related to PTSD and memory.

ID says her name is Jacqueline and that she's a veteran.Honestly, it’s dizzying how perfect it is.

Her disorientation is amplified by eerie Hitchcockian staging and music.(The story certainly doesn’t need more episodes, but some of the characters could have used them.).The answersare tucked inside the next six episodes and, of course, a big reveal that should probably feel bigger.

I'm sure there are viewers who will be happy to dispense with the aesthetic pretensions of the first season, but I loved the clear amusement Esmail was deriving from inventing a visual space for a talky podcast.Don’t worry if you – like me – found Mr Robot to be a bit too on the nose – a bit too Banksy – to enjoy properly; Homecoming makes for a much more interesting watch.Her scenes with Stephan James, who plays a veteran, require her to call in more quiet craft than the past five years of her movie work combined, and she nails every one of them.

Homecoming - Reviews - Rotten Tomatoes

t was hard to hear about Homecoming (Amazon Prime) without feeling slightly sorry for Julia Roberts.She was seen fighting with an unknown man at a local bar called Skins, and she has a melon in her hotel room.He provides a strong rooting interest as a dogged investigator who's seen as just another nameless underling by his condescending boss.

It was secretly administering a memory-erasing drug on the center’s patients, and it eventually weaponized the substance againstthose who discovered they were using humans as test subjects.Instead, it makes the first season look expansive by comparison.The season has a good amount of fun exploring how the seeming doormat of Season One could now be a stone-cold corporate killer, and in letting Chau shift between the two as the story moves around in time.

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She’s used more as a device to transport viewers through a labyrinth of covert actions and reactions.There was a charge there that dwarfed the show’s visual excesses; all the directorial vim existed in service to its story.Roberts gave an excellent performance in the first season, one that ended up being almost inexplicably under-recognized.

Alvarez has some of the same arsenal of split-screens, bird's-eye overhead shots and audacious zooms and shifts of focus, but film geeks will probably miss the attention-grabbing fun with aspect ratios and the soundtrack of classic film score references, replaced by a workmanlike thriller composition by Emile Mosseri.The storytelling is less lively that way.But is Sam Esmail’s show too smart for its own good?.

There are complicated long shots and the orchestral score is distractingly archaic.

'Homecoming' Season 2 Review: Déjà Vu All Over Again ...

Cooper makes Geist interesting with almost no supporting dialogue and when he gets to play opposite Joan Cusack as a similarly underwritten military figure, it's like watching Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer pantomiming tennis without a ball.To say more would, perhaps, give away twists and turns, but those plot movements are of more purely academic interest than emotional involvement.In one of Season One’s two timelines, Heidi recalled nothing of what she had done in the other, as counselor to military veteran Walter (Stephan James).

Heidi’s memory problems were a mystery that Season One carefully teased out over 10 episodes, bouncing back and forth between her time with Walter and a near future where a Department of Defense investigator forces her to remember what she did to Walter and the other soldiers.

Pakula, among others, which makes certain segments of the new season a tribute act to a tribute act; and there’s less of it, so the visual signatures feel more obligatory than playful this time out.Get it right and you will live for ever; mess it us and you ruin everything that led to it.It's a pleasure to see Roberts stretch her legs on TV, particularly in her scenes opposite James, where her heart is most evident.

I was consistently curious for those answers, but only in the most generally mechanical way, learning each truth and acknowledging, "Oh," rather than ever once going, "Wow!".The first episode introduces a series of clues related to the stranger's identity and the next six episodes are about answering every peculiar question in the cleanest way possible.Review: ‘Homecoming’ Season 2 misuses Janelle Monáe and.

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